Colored Lights

Once upon a time, I cringed at the thought of colored Christmas lights. I felt that my tree should be adorned with more classy, shimmering white lights. Of course, all of the ornaments had to be strategically placed just so as well. It was only a couple of years ago that I gasped and went … More Colored Lights

Halloween Night

There’s a crumpled up unicorn costume thrown on my bathroom floor right now, and for tonight that’s ok. Lord knows nobody needs to read something else about how the years are fleeting but…. they are. As we walked house to house tonight don’t think it was lost on me that my kids were at the … More Halloween Night

Because of You

I am strong because you lifted me up when I was weak. I can survive because I saw you do it. I am independent because you showed me how to be alone. I am dedicated because you worked your fingers to the bone. I am driven because you told me I could do anything. I … More Because of You